Authenticity Guarantee

Fashionably Yours ONLY sells Authentic Designer Luxury items and does not accept, sell or condone the selling of counterfeit items. All items are authenticated by a third party authentication service before they reach our sales floor and double & triple checked by our experts. Despite this vigorous process, we offer a 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee for worry free in store & online shopping (including return & shipping costs). 

In our continued effort in the fight against counterfeit goods in the marketplace, we want to help educate our customers on some of the ways to identify authentic items including the date & origin of our specialized brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel & Hermes. Feel free to check out our Authenticity Date Codes below before making your final decision to purchase. 

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Louis Vuitton Date Code Guide

Louis Vuitton date codes or authenticity codes began appearing after the 1980's. Vintage Louis Vuitton manufactures prior to 1980 would not have any date codes, and can only be verified as authentic by looking at various factors: evaluating when the style was introduced, looking at the exterior leather, inspecting the lining/stitches etc.. 

Below is the table of the date codes used by Louis Vuitton on their products, which can be interpreted according to

  1.  Date the product was manufactured
  2.  Location of the manufactured product

Other methods of determining the authenticity of the Louis Vuitton product will be where the code is located for that particular item and the appearance of the code. For example, they can appear either on: 

  • separate leather tab that stick out of the inner lining with the code embedded
  • directly embossed on the inner lining and close to the inside seam of the product
  • directly embossed on the under side of the D-ring (typical of Speedy)
  • directly embossed on Alcantara lining (suede material on inside of Epi leather bags)
  • stamped on the inside lining close of the seam of canvas leather lined bags (usually in an offset dark colour)

Note: Fake bag manufacturers are getting better at replicating the authentic products so it is important to always evaluate the exterior, interior, grommets, hardware, lining etc.. as date codes can be easily replicated. However, fake bag manufacturers do not focus on quality made products and easily forget to include specific details as they typically mass produce their items.


 Date Code  Description
 Early 80's  3 or 4 digit date codes, representing the month and year that the product  was manufactured.
 Late 80's  3 or 4 digit date codes (as above) followed by two letters representing the  location that the product was manufactured.

 First two letters represent the location that the product was manufactures.

 Followed by four numbers:

  - First / Third number = Month 

  - Second / Fourth number = Year


 First two letters represent location

 Followed by four numbers:

  - First / Third number = Week

  - Second / Fourth number = Year

 Locations  Letter Abbreviations
 France  A0, A1, A2, AA, AAS (Special Order), AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, BU, DU, CO,  CT, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SD, SL, SN, SP, SR, TH, TR, VI, VX
 Germany  LP
 Italy  BC, BO, CE, FO, MA, RC, RE, SA, TD
 Spain  CA, LO, LB, LM, LW
 Switzerland  DI, FA


Chanel Date Code Guide

Chanel will typically have an interior hologram sticker with date codes that correspond to the year of manufacturer, as well as "slashes" on the number zero corresponding to the particular year of manufactured and feet or font serifs on the number one. 

Note: Hologram stickers do fall off on occasion and the lack of a sticker does not mean that the bag is not authentic. 


Serial Number Year Manufactured Number labels
14XXXXXX 2011  zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
13XXXXXX 2009-2010 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
12XXXXXX 2008-2009 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
11XXXXXX 2007-2008 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
10XXXXXX 2006-2007 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
9XXXXXX 2005-2006 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
8XXXXXX 2004-2005 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
7XXXXXX 2003-2004 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
6XXXXXX 2000-2002 zero strikethrough, 1 in serif font
5XXXXXX 1997-2000 No zero strikethrough on 52X* - 56X*
4XXXXXX 1996-1997 zero strikethrough, 1 sans serif
3XXXXXX 1994-1996 zero strikethrough, 1 sans serif
2XXXXXX 1991-1994 zero NO strikethrough only until 27X*, 1 serif font
1XXXXXX 1989-1991 zero NO strikethrough, 1 in serif font
0XXXXXX 1986-1989 zero NO strikethrough, 1 in serif font


Hermes Date Code Guide

Hermes will typically have an embossed stamp of the a letter and a geometric shape (either a circle or a square), which represent the year it was manufactured. Hermes made prior to 1970 will have no shape but just an embossed letter. 


No Shape Circle Square
1945 A
1946 B
1947 C
1948 D
1949 E
1950 F
1951 G
1952 H
1953 I
1954 J
1955 K
1956 L
1957 M
1958 N
1959 O
1960 P
1961 Q
1962 R
1963 S
1964 T
1965 U
1966 V
1967 W
1968 X
1969 Y
1970 Z
1971 A
1972 B
1973 C
1974 D
1975 E
1976 F
1977 G
1978 H
1979 I
1980 J
1981 K
1982 L
1983 M
1984 N
1985 O
1986 P
1987 Q
1988 R
1989 S
1990 T
1991 U
1992 V
1993 W
1994 X
1995 Y
1996 Z
1997 A
1998 B
1999 C
2000 D
2001 E
2002 F
2003 G
2004 H
2005 I
2006 J
2007 K
2008 L
2009 M
2010 N